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Golding TravelOne of the biggest Czech incoming tour-operators offering to rent.

A complete reconstruction of web pages including redesign and optimization.Remarkable indexing in search engines on key phrases, compare apartments Giant Mountains (Google 1st place/92300 results) and hotels Beskydy (Google 1st place/57300 results).

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Launched: 04/2005

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„Our company found the partner in Svist 21 - a highly professional web studio that has good advices and recommendations of most modern technologies that guarrantee success.” says Ivan Polonský, Head of Marketing - Ingtours Travel Agency, Ltd.
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Are you not satisfied with your current website? Does your web visit few customers? We will find out why and we will recommend ways to change it. Let us prepare an audit of usability, audit of accessibility and audit of SEO - if you choose us to solve the issues the audits are free.

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